How to Make Announcements at Your Church

Making a strong series of announcements at your church leading up to the parade event is very important!   Here are some guidelines for making a strong announcement:

  • Use pre-written bullet point notes outlining the major points that you want to communicate (see below for ideas)
  • Speak clearly and slowly.  Practice your announcement at home several times before doing it at your Church
  • Studies show that a person needs to hear something 3 times before they remember it.  It is ideal to make 3 announcements in the weeks leading up to the parade
  • Be direct and to the point… do not drag out the announcement
  • Show the included video (on the main coordinator page of this website)


Announcement Talking Points 

Include the following talking points in your announcement:

  • The Celebrate Israel Parade is a multi-demonimational effort to show public Christian support for Israel

  • We are believing for 1,000 Marchers this year

  • The parade marches down 5th Ave. in Manhattan and will be internationally televised

  • This event falls on a Sunday morning.  People's tithes and offerings should be mailed into the church for this week.

  • The cost is $10 which gets your T shirt for the Parade (required to march).  

  • Offer any specific information regarding transportation (charter bus nformation from church, etc.)

  • Please help get the word out on Facebook by liking the Parade event page!

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